Re: Zero Webnovel Translations

I skipped arcs 1 & 2 and started with arc 3 due to that being where I was currently at in the anime when I began translating this. I will potentially come back and translate the first 2 arcs, but I want to catch up to the current content first. Vol. 3 ch. 1 syncs up exactly at the start of episode 12 in the anime. 

Original Source

Vol. 3 Ch. 1: Quiet Early Morning

Vol. 3 Ch. 2: A servant’s tea-time conversation

Vol 3. Ch. 3: Planning a trip to the capital

Vol. 3 Ch. 4: A trip’s departure, many difficulties lay ahead

Vol. 3 Ch. 5: Time to fulfill a promise

Vol. 3 Ch. 6: A dangerous pair

Vol. 3 Ch. 7: Orange-colored girl

Vol. 3 Ch. 8: The result of gambling

Vol 3. Ch. 9: Divine protection and reunion and promise – translated by Rilakkulina

Vol. 3 Ch. 10: Confluence and Farewell

Vol. 3 Ch. 11: Three heads are better than one, for sinister schemes – translated by Rilakkulina

Vol. 3 Ch. 12: Secret castle infiltration and its result